Carnival 2014 fetes

Just a reminder that the fete list will be dropping soon! Get ready! We will add it to the fete calendar so you can get directions and times.

Having a party or lime?

If you having a party or a lime, or know about one, you can post it up here on the website!

Get your Shades Breakfast Party tickets before it’s too late!

Hi folks,

Be sure to grab your ticket for the Shades Breakfast Party on carnival Sunday at 4am. Act now!

10 must do things in Trinidad!

We understand that your trip to Trinidad around Carnival might be on a tight schedule, but that’s no reason to miss out on this list of things to do especially if it is your first visit!

  1. Eat a doubles or 10
  2. Go to Tobago
  3. Eat bake and shark at Maracas Beach
  4. Have breakfast at the Breakfast Shed
  5. Find the Dial in Arima
  6. Tour the Carib brewery
  7. Play Jouvert (mud mas)
  8. Attend the steelpan finals
  9. Go to a cooler fete
  10. Go surfing in Toco

There’s a million more things to do in our beautiful country but this list should get you started…

Carnival time again!

Ok my people, it’s that time again! Time to gears up and mark your calendar for the 2014 Trinidad Carnival season. Carnival is March 3rd and 4th, 2014.

By this time we should all have our tickets booked, leave in the books, and waiting for this year’s fete list to drop. Our team is back together for the season to¬†will keep you updated with all the latest and greatest.


Carnival 2014

We have linked up with some great travel agencies to help you get Trinidad Carnival 2014 sorted out!

Simply fill out your details on the Carnival Packages page and we will get you ready for de road next year!


Carnival 2013 Fetes

Here is another fete list that was emailed to me. It includes February.


Fete List for 2013

Here is the calendar. We are updating them individually here

Trindad Carnival Fete List for 2013!

Hi all, I am updating the 2013 Fete List right now! Check it out!